Anthem PVA 7

Amplificatore di potenza a 7 canali da 125 W RMS per canale

Amplificatore di potenza a 7 canali da 125 W RMS continui per canale, 105 W RMS tutti pilotati contemporaneamente con impedenza 8 ohm da 20 Hz a 20 kHz; 200 W RMS per canale con impedenza a 4 ohm; 300 W RMS per canale con impedenza a 2 ohm; Controllo d'accensione Trigger, Manuale, Auto..

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Aluminium Black

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Before pragmatic design, before performance testing and long before production comes passion! A passion to produce something exceptional. Anthem products are extraordinary, meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of audiophiles everywhere. Whether for personal or professional use, Anthem products are worldclass leaders in high-end performance and value.

Our products are award-winning and internationally recognized not only for their exceptional sonic performance, but also for their superb craftsmanship and reliability. Every product must meet our rigorous standards of performance before it is released to market. The result is a truly superb selection of products that are guaranteed to provide their owners with complete and lasting satisfaction. It’s not surprising that Anthem products are highly sought after around the world!


“… an incredible S/N ratio of 122 dB. Good grief! That’s as good as no noise at all,” said Brian Florian, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, commenting on the PVA 7. Whether it’s the subtle (or not-so-subtle) special effects in a movie, or the tonal subtleties produced by the strings of a single violin, PVA amplifiers capture it all! Ultra-low distortion and a truly incredible signal-to-noise ratio place these amplifiers among the cleanest and quietest on the market. From a silent black background, sound appears in its purest form to envelop you in powerful emotion.

Superior performance demands superior components and materials. PVA amps are designed and built in North America using the finest quality parts and materials. From military-spec (FR-4-rated) epoxy circuit boards to multiple high-current bipolar-output transistors; from oversized, computerdesigned heatsinks to our own custom-designed robust binding posts, the build quality of these amps ranks among the finest in the world!


The sonic purity of the PVA amplifier design is the result of our intensive research and development in high-end design. Superior high-end sound begins with a superior power supply. These amplifiers use custom-built, low-noise, high-power toroidal transformers and advanced power supply regulators with high-quality, low-ESL/low-ESR filter capacitors and huge storage capacity.

Our proprietary and patented circuit designs follow Anthem’s ‘Keep-It- Simple’ principle, using the fewest number of parts in the signal path to maintain the integrity of sound. These amplifiers provide the finesse and instantaneous output power to effortlessly reproduce the challenging variety of special effects in movies and demanding musical passages. They are stable as a rock, even into difficult loads.

PVA amplifiers can be powered On/Off three ways: manually, with the On/Off switch on the front panel; remotely, via the 12-volt trigger input; or automatically, with our patented Auto-On/Off circuit—an incoming audio signal immediately switches it on, and approximately 20 minutes after the audio signal ends, it simply switches off.

Inputs 7-Single-Ended, 1 Relay Trigger (3.5-mm Mono Jack)
Outputs 7 Pairs Speaker Binding Posts, 1 Relay Trigger(3.5-mm Mono Jack)
Front Panel Power (On/Off)
Rear Panel 3 On/Off Modes (Trigger, Manual, Auto)
(Continuous RMS, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, <1.0% THD)
# Of Channels Driven 1 All 1 All 1 All
  125 W 105 W 200 W 140 W 300 W -
HEADROOM 1.25 db (8 Ω); 2.13 db (4 Ω)
POWER BANDWIDTH 10 Hz - 80 kHz (125 W @ 8 Ω)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20 Hz - 20 kHz (-0.20 db); 5 Hz - 100 kHz (-2.5 db)
THD + N <0.002% @ 1 kHz; <0.03% @ 20 kHz (100 W into 8 Ω)
INPUT SENSITIVITY 1.12 VRMS for 125 W into 8 Ω
DAMPING FACTOR 200 @ 1 kHz (ref. 8 Ω)
S/N RATIO 122 db, A-weighted (ref. 125 W)
CHANNEL SEPARATION >65 db (100 Hz - 10 kHz)
SLEW RATE 28 v/µs
POWER REQUIREMENTS 1500 W @ maximum power output (8 Ω load)
DIMENSIONS (H X W X D; Heights Include Feet) 5-7/8" (14.9 cm) High x 17-1/4" (43.8 cm) Wide x 16-3/8" (42 cm) Deep
WEIGHT (Unpacked) 47.3 lb (21.5 kg)

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