Gradient Evidence

Diffusore da pavimento, woofer long throw da 200mm, midrange in fiberglass da 176mm e tweeter coassiale in alluminio da 25mm, potenza 50-250W, 4ohms nominali, 86DB,regolazione livesso basso 3dB, finitura in faggio naturale in ciliegio o in faggio colorato nero, peso 22kg, dimensioni 21 x 103 x 30cm

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Gradient Evidence is our most versatile loudspeaker model. It is based on the same unique design concept as Gradient’s flagship model Gradient Revolution. This Revolution’s little brother is at home in room environments where other speaker models are producing rather colored sound.

Music reproduced by Gradient Evidence is directed straight towards listener and thus disturbing room reflections are not affecting the sound quality. This model proves that a HiFi loudspeaker can be used in all kinds of rooms and even against the wall and in very small rooms, without sacrificing the quality of reproduced music.

Gradient Evidence can also be used as main loudspeaker for high quality home theater systems.


The Gradient Evidence is a new proof - the Revolution was the first - that a HiFi loudspeaker can be positioned also against the wall without sacrificing the sound quality. Main part of the audible frequency range is covered by an one-point driver system. The coaxial driver is assembled in an acoustic resistance box giving the system a radiation pattern of cardioid. This technique has many benefits over conventional constructions. The Gradient Evidence will produce high performance sound in any placement.


Any loudspeaker with drivers assembled on the front of the cabinet will radiate sound to all directions at low and mid frequencies. If the cabinet is positioned near or against the wall the backward radiation will cause reflections reaching the listener immediately after the direct sound. These early reflections color the mid frequencies and deteriorate imaging and sound stage accuracy. Also the perceived bass level varies strongly depending on position.


Gradient has studied the problem posed by convential speakers and offers an unique solution. The Gradient Evidence has a special acoustic resistance enclosure to reproduce frequencies above 200 Hz. In practice this means that the speaker is not at all radiating sound backwards. The backward radiation of the Gradient Evidence is attenuated by 20 dB at mid frequencies which is only one percentage of the total sound energy. Thus the early reflections are minimized when the speaker is positioned against the back wall or nearby boundaries.

The design of the speaker also minimizes sound reflections from the cabinet itself, thus negating the effects of diffraction. In a nutshell: the room influence to the sound remains very small especially at mid and high frequencies giving the Evidence a very similar sound characteristic in many different rooms.


The coaxial driver reproducing frequencies over 200 Hz is positioned on the top of the front wall of the speaker cabinet. A six inch fiberglass cone handles frequencies up to 2800 Hz. High frequencies from 2800 Hz to over 20 kHz are reproduced by an one inch aluminum dome tweeter placed at the apex of the midrange cone. A point source is generally accepted as an ideal sound source for its excellent phase and amplitude response. This results in an extremely accurate, stable and three dimensional 


Low frequencies below 200 Hz are reproduced by a bassreflex enclosure tuned at 27 Hz. The reflex tunnel is part of the cabinet thus giving extra strength to the construction. The bassreflex opening is at the rear above the terminals. Large crossection area guarantees no breathing noise even at high sound levels.


The bass level adjustment is a very useful feature when positioning the speaker near or against the wall. The Gradient Evidence is equipped with a two position bass level adjustment. This allows the listener to adjust the correct level depending on the placement of the speaker but also on personal taste. The level of bass relative to the mid and high frequencies is easily adjusted by a jumper near the terminals.


When the jumper is taken away, the bass level will remain at its maximum but at the same time you´ll get a little more treble. Suits very well for low level listening and gives brilliance for pop and rock music listening.


The Gradient Evidence loudspeakers are designed for the most demanding audio enthusiasts. However there are good reasons to use them as main loudspeakers in a home cinema system.


Gradient Evidence is hand crafted in Finland with professional craftsmanship and very high quality materials. In addition to the variety of standard finishes, Gradient Evidence may be customized with a huge variety of options. In total 20 different high quality fabrics and multiple real wood veneers allows personalized speakers for every taste. More about available custom finishes can be found here.


Radiation Patterns Bass: sphereMidrange & treble: cardioid
Frequency Response 45-20000Hz +/-2dB, 29Hz -6dB
Impedance 4 Ohms
Sensitivity 86dB/2.83V/1m
Recommended amplifier power 50-250W
Drivers 1x200mm long throw woofer, 176mm fibreglass midrange, coaxial aluminum dome 25mm
Crossover frequencies 200Hz and 2800Hz
Connections Two pairs of binding posts
Features Bass level adjustment, 3dB
Finish Plywood parts: Natural ash,  Black painted ash or White painted ash.Cloth:  Black, White, Light Gray or Brown.See also available custom finishes.
Height 21 × 100 × 30cm
Weight 22kg

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