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Subwoofer amplificato in sospensione pneumatica tecnologia digitale con DSP, amplificazione UltraD super efficiente con potenza di picco 7500W RMS e continua 3000W, 1 woofer da 380mm a lunga escursione RCR� mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cone, Paradigm Digital Signal Processing. USB input, regolazione volume, fase e taglio di frequenza. Ingresso RCA e XLR, Sub-Out/LFE-Out. Auto-on/off, soft clipping, thermal protection. 48.9 cm x 45.7 cm x 53.0 cm, 51.7kg. Finitura Cherry, Natural Birdseye Maple, Piano Black.

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I più raffinati diffusori acustici sono un mezzo per la musica: una finestra aperta sulla performance originale. Ci portano dalla mondanità alla magia, oltre l'ordinario verso lo straordinario. I migliori diffusori riflettono la musica originale, non la modificano con il loro carattere: i diffusori acclamati come i migliori devono evitare qualsiasi personalità acustica. I diffusori più pregiati sono un intimo schiudersi dell'animo dell'interprete, del messaggio del compositore, della visone del maestro. Ci permettono di sentire intimamente la musica, di gustare la magia, di toccare le note e di vedere attraverso gli occhi dell'anima nel cuore della performance..
Paradigm ® Reference Signature - un livello più alto di trasparenza. "Entrambi i subwoofer sono capaci di suonare forte, davvero forte, ma il cabinet e il driver più grandi del Paradigm Signature Sub 25 sembrerebbero permettergii di scendere più in basso e di suonare più forte del JLaudio Fathom F113; con maggiore dinamica e con uno sforzo apparentemente minore. Quando ho recensito l'F113 è stato facile sentire le notevoli differenze rispetto agli altri sub, confrontando l'F113 e il Sub 25 arrivo allo stesso risultato; quasta volta, però, a favore di Paradigm. Semplicemente, l'ultimo sub di Paradigm controlla la mia stanza come l'F113 non può fare. Il JLaudio F113 era il sub da battere, ora il Paradigm Signature 25 è il riferimento da battere" Jeff Fritz, Home Theater Sound - Reviewers Choice Award SUB 25 is big! Big i n an elegant way. Like a Basso Profundo on stage at The Met. And just like a night at The Met, when SUB 25 starts to sing you know you’re going to get every note, every nuance, every deep bass thrill you paid to hear. The bottomless rumble in a movie soundtrack? Explosive special effects? That note of menace? The portent of disaster? No other subwoofer can recreate it all with such vivid realism. Such pinpoint accuracy. You’re captivated. Floored. Speechless. Bass like you’ve never heard it before. Deeper and more refined. Smoother and oh, so rich. With perfect pace. Subtle texturing. Impact and weight. 3,000 watts of CONTINUOUS power! That’s a full 4 horsepower! An insane amount of current. No other subwoofer on the market can boast this kind of pure, undiluted power! And then there’s the accuracy. SUB 25 is accurate down to a gruelling 9 Hz! In the average listening room it can reproduce an unbelievable 125 dB without audible distortion. And even at the highest output levels, the transition between SUB 25 and the other speakers in the system is deliciously seamless. The source of the bass, the SUB 25, simply disappears. There was a time when Paradigm’s Servos ruled the lower octaves. Now there’s a new voice on the big bass block …and it’s destined for greatness. Introducing an all-new proprietary 15˝ (380 mm) bass driver, designed engineered and manufactured by Paradigm in North America. With unwanted resonances, standing waves and micro-distortions non-existent, SUB 25 displays breathtaking definition and awe-inspiring dynamics with lightningfast speed and gut-wrenching power. Mineral-Filled Co-Polymer Polypropylene Cone with RCR™ Resonance Control Ribs: Engineered for very high power, this high-stiffness design is intrinsically low in distortion allowing the bass cone to respond instantly to the starts and stops of even the leading edge of the lowest bass notes. Advanced Multi-Layer Polyurethane-Composite Elliptical Surround and Dual Oversize Spiders: Optimized using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), a highly advanced tool for component design, the surround's multilayer composite matrix with its high-tech surface treatment encourages extended cone excursion.A staggering three inches (76 mm) of peak-to-peak excursion—while maintaining exceptional linearity and cone control. Massive Aluminum Shorting Ring: Situated around the voice coil, the ring not only improves linearity and heat dissipation, it helps reduce voice coil inductance as well as odd and even-order harmonic distortion. The results are apparent in the SUB 25’s lightning-fast transient response. 76 mm 8-Layer Bifilar High-Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil: Wound on a high-temperature composite former in an oversize bifilar configuration, the aluminum coil provides exceptional stability and support for the extended cone excursion. High-Pressure Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis: Controls flexing and ringing and since aluminum is non-magnetic, stray magnetic losses are eliminated. Proprietary AVS™ Airflow Ventilation System Cooling: Massive built-in ribs increase heat dissipation surface, providing forced-air cooling during large musical transients and chassis convection cooling at all other times. Extruded-Aluminum Center Heatsink: Provides internal forced-air cooling to drive heat away from the high-velocity low-turbulence pole piece, increasing power handling and reducing distortion. Massive 16.8 kg Computer-Optimized Magnet/Motor Assembly with Balanced Field Geometry: Again using FEA, the SUB 25’s massive magnet/motor structure has been optimized to produce an incredibly powerful high-density symmetrical magnetic forcefield while minimizing inductive distortion. The results are outstanding transient and phaseresponse, superb power handling and output linearity. Eliminating the Possibility of Stray Noise…With a driver so large and so powerful, how do you prevent cabinet resonances and vibrations from coloring output? And what about isolating and eliminating stray EMC/EMI and even radio frequency noise coming from such a powerful amplifier? Paradigm’s answer? A redesigned 1˝ (25 mm) thick solid MDF enclosure with extensive internal bracing, including 1-1/2˝ (37.5 mm) baffle. Then a custom-designed isolation barrier separating amplifier and driver sections. Critically placed isolation inserts, a modified version of our patented IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT™ technology, keep the barrier preloaded. The result? Enclosure resonances and stray amplifier noises are simply non-existent. The SUB 25’s powerful amplifier was designed, engineered and manufactured by Paradigm in North America. Cutting edge features include: Comprehensive Heat Dissipation System! Our robust 1/8˝ (3.2 mm) thick aluminum circuit board (see inset) is overlaid with insulated metal substrates. Using an aluminum base as opposed to the more typical fiberglass base, while more expensive, encourages exceptionally efficient cooling. Even more mechanically robust than copper or ceramic, the metal substrates increase power density, minimize thermal impedance and conduct heat more efficiently while offering greater mechanical durability. FR-4-rated circuit board designs, widely used because of their exceptional efficiency, typically require larger heatsinks. In the SUB 25 however, the combination of aluminum and overlaid metal substrates allows for a heatsink much reduced in size. Power Factor Correction (PFC): PFC shapes the line current so that it is sinusoidal and continuous in time. This allows the maximum amount of power (95%) to be drawn and with far less noise on the line. To compare: A unit without PFC draws only 60 to 70% of the available power since the line current is switched on and off by the input rectifier (a noise-inducing process in itself!) at twice the frequency. Current flows at the peak of the line voltage only, effectively choking the line. In addition, PFC prevents overheating/tripping of the circuit breakers. Add to this the highly efficient Ultra-Class-D™ design ensuring maximum output and the SUB 25’s amplifier becomes an input/output powerhouse that is simply unbeatable. No Power Transformer: The output stage is Direct-Connected™ to the power line to provide maximum power. Advanced Output Stage: Increases switching speed and efficiency. Unlike conventional Class-D designs which use the slow built-in diodes of the output MOSFETS, our Ultra-Class-D™ design steers circulating currents to ultra-fast diodes (ten times faster!). Opto-Coupled Inputs: Offer better isolation and lower noise. Short-Circuit Protection: Reacts within 10 μs. And as if all this wasn’t enough, add … Paradigm’s Own Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Design: Monitors the line current and voltage, regulating the long-term average output power.But there’s more to this design … Sophisticated mathematical algorithms “shape” the frequency response, ensuring accurate, consistent and musical bass without audible distortion, even when SUB 25 is playing at the loudest levels. Paradigm Perfect Bass Kit (PBK-1™): Even when the world’s finest subwoofer is perfectly placed and positioned, the room can still have a dramatic impact on performance. Room dimensions, dead spots, archways, furniture placement and countless other factors can turn a room into an additional instrument, playing alongside musicians or movie soundtracks with unwanted contributions of coloration and resonance. The ultra-high resolution Paradigm Perfect Bass Kit adjusts for the room’s effects on the subwoofer, using proprietary processing to compute the subwoofer’s in-room frequency response and then computing a target frequency response for the subwoofer to yield optimal in-room sound. PBK-1™ can be used with up to four Paradigm® Reference Signature SUB 25’s.

Design: USB port, patented built-in Ultra-Class-D™ power isolation amplifier with Power Factor Correction, single high-excursion driver, sealed enclosure Amplifier: High-Current, Discrete Output 7500 watts Dynamic Peak / 3000 watts RMS Sustained Amplifier Design Features: Auto-On/Off, Trigger-On/Off, soft clipping, thermal protection, electrical shorting protection Subwoofer Bass Driver(s): 76-mm (3 in) 8-layer bifilar voice coil, high-temperature composite former, 37-lb (16.8 kg) triple ceremic / ferrite magnet / motor structure, massive aluminum shorting ring, oversize FEA-optimized elliptical surround, AVS™ die-cast heatsink chassis, 380-mm (15 in) RCR™ mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cone, dual spiders Low-Frequency Extension*: 9 Hz (DIN) Subwoofer Cut-Off Frequency: Variable 35 Hz - 150 Hz; Bypass option Sub. / Sat. Phase Alignment: Variable 0° - 180° Line-Level Input: RCA (S/E) Left and Right or Sub-Out / LFE or Balanced XLR. From Sub-Out / LFE-Out of Preamp/Processor or other Line-Level Source Line-Level Input Sensitivity: 100 mV Mono Line-Level Input Impedance: RCA: 10 k ohms; XLR: 20 k ohms; Internal Volume: 65 L AC Voltage: 240v - 50/60 Hz (recommended, use on a dedicated 30-amp circuit ) Height: Width, Depth 51.0 cm x 46.0 cm x 55.0 cm Weight (unpacked): 51.7 kg / 114 lb each Finishes: Cherry, Natural Maple, Piano Black

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