Paradigm Reference

Paradigm Reference

XFAudio distribuisce, in esclusiva per l'Italia, i prodotti audio Paradigm Reference.

Paradigm® Reference is the leading-edge high-end division of Paradigm, dedicated to providing state-of-the-art performance for the absolute finest in music and home theater sound! The design mandate for Paradigm® Reference includes very ambitious goals: vanishing levels of coloration, substantial gains in timbrel accuracy, significant imaging improvements - in dimensional spaciousness as well as localization - and finally, tangible improvements in bass articulation, pace and the ability to resolve dynamic contrasts. To achieve these lofty goals, Paradigm® Reference uses the most sophisticated high-performance drive units available, highly advanced enclosure technologies and highly refined crossovers to achieve all new standards in sound performance and technological design excellence. And the critic's agree. Paradigm® Reference has received rave review after rave review and has quickly become the speaker of choice for high-end enthusiasts around the world! 

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