XFAudio distribuisce, in esclusiva per l'Italia, i prodotti audio Quadral.

We develop, design, and build loudspeakers. With passion.

What we do, is done skilfully – built upon decades of experience; mastering physical laws, patience, and the sophisticated sensitivity of evaluating what’s ‘good’, but then how we develop that in achieving ‘excellence’. Since the beginning, quadral has represented the pursuit of technical ingenuity – a result that you can most definitely hear and feel.

With the quadral design, our products adapt harmonically into every kind of living environment – one that you can easily see.

quadral loudspeakers deliver an honest, truthful experience of sound culture at the highest level. Have fun choosing and enjoying a genuine sound - close to ideal.

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Viale Cavallotti, 41A
35124 Padova (PD)

Tel. (+39) 049 880 9891
Fax. (+39) 049 210 6892

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